Support & Integration


For various profiling applications including technical specifications of LineLIDAR LL-60A.

Download - Brochure for Traffic Control (PDF)

Download - Brochure for Snowy Roads and Tracks (PDF) 

Demonstration Software

Demonstration software for LineLIDAR sensors.

Version 1.2.10, Released 10th Jun 2024

 Download - LineLIDAR Client Software (ZIP)

 Download - User Guide (PDF) 

Interface Description

Information regarding LineLIDAR sensors' mechanical interface, eye-safety and software communication for application programming.

Version 1.2, Released 19th Dec 2023

Download - Interface Description (PDF) 

Python Module

Low-level class to communicate with LineLIDAR sensors in Python 3.

Version 2.2.2, Released 30th Jan 2024

Download - Python class & Document (ZIP)