LineLIDAR Sensors

Noptel LineLIDAR is an innovative and versatile sensor for near range shape detection.
It is easily embedded into many applications where exceptional precision is needed.

LineLIDAR sensor LL-60A

The compact and lightweight LL-60A sensor features nitrogen filled gas-tight IP68 design enabling reliable operation under varying temperature and environmental conditions.

This versatile sensor is feasible for creation of point clouds for various profiling applications including e.g. traffic control and law enforcement enabling  many demanding and challenging traffic related measurement tasks.   

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LineLIDAR sensor front

Easy to Embed

Size 69 (L) x 94 (W) x 41 (H) mm

Weight 370 g

Fast Profiling

Up to 400 profiles per second

Range 40 m for passive targets


60° Horizontal, 0.1° Vertical

Horizontal angular resolution 0.23°

Rugged Construction

Solid-State - No moving parts

Ethernet Interface, M12 connector

Application Ideas

Traffic Information

LineLIDAR sensors can be applied e.g. for vehicle detection, counting, profiling and classification. Suitable use cases include open road tolling, weigh-in-motion and intersection or entrance monitoring as well.

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Mining Operations

Mining operations are sometimes carried out in extremely demanding conditions especially under ground. LineLIDAR sensors can be applied to detect terrain up to 40 meters starting from a couple of meters. 

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Roadway Conditions

In the north we sometimes get snow too much, especially owing to climate change. LineLIDAR sensors can be applied to detect snow height in millimeter range and need for snow work can be decided just in time and economically. Hence, they can facilitate remarkably ploughing control at roadways.

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Buildings and Structures

Preserving infrastructure, buildings and cultural heritage is always important and often quite challenging due to environmental policy. LineLIDAR sensors can facilitate capturing and creation of 3D models for concept visualization, project planning or industrial use.

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Point Cloud Examples

Motorway Traffic

Here are examples of point clouds created by LineLIDAR sensor at E75 motorway in the city of Oulu. Applied sampling rate was 200/400 Hz and there was needed only LineLIDAR sensor alone to create concerned 3D point clouds.

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Urban City

By rotating the LineLIDAR sensor a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment can be captured. Concerned 3D data can be applied for e.g. urban planning and development or emergency response and disaster management.

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Forest Study

Here you can find an example of forest scanning realized at the backyard of Noptel applying LineLIDAR sensor. There we have rotated the sensor in order to create 3D point cloud, which later can be studied from all camera viewpoints.

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This point cloud has been captured in a typical conference room applying LineLIDAR sensor and commercial rotation equipment for creating a smooth rotation movement.

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